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6 ways to select the right Roofing Contractor

 select the right contractor
Here are six ways to select the right contractor.

Check the contractors credentials.

All home improvement contractors must abide by New York State law 36-A, with proper state approved contracts. The contractor should also make available his business credentials upon request.

Make sure you know the company's address.

Ask to see up to date and proper insurance certificates. Hiring an uninsured contractor will cost you much more, if anyone should get physically hurt while working on your home.

Call the Better Business Bureau.

See if the firm has any complaints filed against them. If so, check to see if they we're satisfactorily resolved.

Check the contractors references.

Professional craftsman are proud of their work. Ask for names & addresses of former customers in your area. Contact a few to see their overall performance of work that was done. Professionals know their satisfied customers are their best source of advertising.

Detailed job cost.

Insist on knowing in advance, what the job will cost. Make sure everything is in writing, and on a proper New York State contract. It should have a detailed description of the work to be performed. Contract should include material description and payment schedule.

Be careful not to choose on price alone.

Your decision should be based on craftsmanship, materials, and reliability of the contractor. Learn all you can about the people, and the products behind your next home improvement project. A little research can go a long way!!

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